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Melanie W. 
2016-17 Southwest Region Youth of the Year
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area
Austin, Texas

Before Melanie started high school, she had no idea where her path would lead. Joining her local Boys & Girls Club brought Melanie into a supportive environment that encouraged her to plan for the future and instilled in her the belief that she could achieve anything with hard work. Not only did her Club inspire Melanie to dream big, it also equipped her with the skills and tools needed to accomplish her new goals, one of which is becoming a doctor.

In 1999, the Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs was established to enable Boys & Girls Club organizations from across the state to come together as one "Movement” to effectively and efficiently work with public and private partners to address the state’s most pressing youth issues. Today, more than 345,000 boys and girls call their Club home. It is at the Club, where young people that need us most, learn and grow. Our goal is that all Club youth graduate from high school prepared for higher education, trade school, military service or employment.

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