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Youth of the Year

2017 Southwest Military 
Youth of the Year

On June 7, 2017, more than 100 guests gathered in San Antonio for the Southwest Military Youth of the Year Celebration. Congratulations to David Z. from JB San Antonio-Lackland Youth Program and our Texas Military Youth of the Year, who was named the 2017-18 Southwest Military Youth of the Year!

David Z., 18
JB San Antonio-Lackland Youth Program
Member Since: 2010
Future Plans:
Intended College: Rice University
Field of Study: Biology
Career Goal: Researcher
"I leveraged persistence and resilience into a successful high school career." 

2016-2017 Texas & Southwest 
Youth of the Year

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott sends off Melanie W., Texas Youth of the Year, 
to the Southwest Regional Youth of the Year Competition. 

Selected among eight outstanding finalists from Boys & Girls Clubs across the region, Texas YOY, Melanie W. has been named the Southwest Youth of the Year by Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). She will receive a $10,000 college scholarship from BGCA renewable for up to four years, leading to a total of $40,000. 

Before Melanie started high school, she had no idea where her path would lead. Joining her local Boys & Girls Club brought Melanie into a supportive environment that encouraged her to plan for the future and instilled in her the belief that she could achieve anything with hard work. Not only did her Club inspire Melanie to dream big, her drive and unrelenting determination have helped her overcome many challenges in pursuit of her dream to become a doctor.

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