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How TX AIM Works

Invest in Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring Program to Invest in Texas

Many Texas kids are struggling to keep up in school academically and socially. The Texas Education Agency reported that over 30,000 Texas students dropped out of school in 2014-15.* To save these kids and our state, the legislature must invest in cost-saving, preventative, and evidence-based programs like the Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring (AIM) Program. Programs like TX AIM ensure at-risk kids don’t fall behind in school and become future graduates.

The Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring (AIM) Program helps kids who need us the most, at times when they need us the most. Of TX AIM students:

 “80% are economically disadvantaged” 
 “75% are At-Risk”
 “28% have limited English proficiency.”**

With certified teachers and through small group learning, TX AIM kids who start out behind are able to surpass the statewide testing average for kids from similar backgrounds. *** 
TX AIM improves academic success by providing tutoring, mentoring, and supporting to students who are at risk of dropping out of school. Our program inspires youth through hands-on learning in vital fields like science and engineering. Boys & Girls Clubs across the state transform after-school time and summer time into educational times for kids to catch up, keep up, and get ahead. 
Since 2009, Texas AIM has helped over 16,000 Texas kids succeed in school. 
How does Texas AIM work?

Many students across Texas struggle with math and reading, and lose confidence in their ability to succeed in school. The Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs partners with Sylvan Learning Centers to provide struggling students with the resources they need at local Boys & Girls Clubs.
Overview of the two programs under TX Academic, Innovation, and Mentoring Program
  1. Texas AIM’s Ace It! program provides approximately 30 hours of instruction and support in math or reading for kids who are performing below grade level. This instruction is provided in small groups at local clubs after school.  
  2. Texas AIM also provides camps in core subject areas such as English Literary Arts (ELA) , and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Our STEM Camps include Fit4Algebra, Engineering, and Coding. 
TX AIM supports not just kids, but their families. TX AIM sites host workshops and advanced learning curriculum that encourage and facilitate parental support. 
Why does Texas AIM work? 

Kids enrolled are provided with the entire Boys & Girls Club (BGC) Experience. The BGC Experience promotes positive social and academic outcomes for all youth by providing safe space to: 
  • Develop positive social skills, protective factors, and resilience;
  • Have opportunities to develop self-confidence and leadership skills; and
  • Benefit from dependable relationships and settings without criticism or disapproval
The school day ends before many parents can leave their jobs to be with their families. Boys & Girls Clubs across Texas ensure that kids have safe and enriching places to learn and develop after school. Texas AIM staff are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to help kids develop the skills to stay ahead in school. Our certified teachers provide skills-gap remediation to kids in a way they understand. We are fostering a lifelong love of learning that translates into grade-level readiness and great futures. 

Texas AIM is transforming lives all across Texas. Tell your Texas Senators and Representatives to invest in the Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring Program to help kids, families, and their communities. 
**Texas AIM annual reports (2010-2016)
***Impact of the Texas AIM Ace it! Program, Rockman et al, 2017
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