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Our Programs

Our Programs

The Texas Statewide Youth Services Network (TEXSYN) Project

The TEXSYN project is implemented by the Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs in more than 200 program sites statewide. Some 2700 at-risk juvenile’s ages 8 through 17 years of age are served annually. All youth served exhibit one or more characteristics that place them at risk of being referred to the juvenile justice system in their local communities, including but not limited to the absence or inadequacy of positive adult role models and/or inadequate adult supervision during non-school hours; the presence of anti-social behaviors at home, in school settings and/or in the community; experimentation with tobacco, alcohol or other illegal drugs; sexual experimentation inappropriate for age; and a demonstrated lack of respect for authority figures and/or violation of communities’ standards for youth behavior.

The Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring (AIM) Project

Texas AIM is a timely effort to confront the student achievement gap for at risk students in Texas, one student at a time with a comprehensive and holistic strategy. With cumulative minority drop out rates throughout Texas averaging more than 50%, such innovative collaboration with proven results is critical. Texas AIM utilizes the historic strengths of the organizations Boys & Girls Clubs and Sylvan Learning Centers, along with cooperation of local education agencies (schools districts), students make pronounced gains in the academic areas targeted. For more than 100 years Boys & Girls Clubs have provided youth development services to the youth most in need of them through mentoring and intensive case management when needed. For more than 35 years, Sylvan Learning Centers uses research based tutoring strategies building on individual students learning styles to target skills gaps in language arts, mathematics and/or college preparation.  The Partnership literally provides mentors that tutor (BGC staff) and tutors that mentor (Sylvan teachers). Fifty-four Boys & Girls Club sites throughout Texas are actively participating in the statewide program. The results from these personal wrap around services yield outstanding results in skills mastery, credit recovery and academic promotion.

 CJD - #girlstrong

We are excited to announce that we have received funds through the Office of the Governor's Criminal Justice Division to implement our newest program, #girlstrong!

#girlstrong will provide human trafficking prevention and awareness for Texas girls ages 8-18 in order to prevent their involvement in the juvenile justice system.  State-wide, Boys & Girls Clubs will serve young girls who have been identified as at-risk for involvement in trafficking due to demographic, socio-economic and family-related factors. #girlstrong is comprised of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s proven-effective program models SMART Girls; NetSmartz; and The Boys & Girls Club Experience. Together, these programs provide multiple protective factors that defend girls from vulnerability to involvement in trafficking: they improve girls’ self-esteem and resilience; teach them about safe use of the Internet and social media; and offer daily after-school guidance and support. 

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